John Graduated from the University of Michigan in 1977 with Bachelors Degrees in both Mechanical and Materials/Metallurgical Engineering. In 1980 he became a Registered Professional Engineer. John has worked as a machine builder/welder, a customer service representative, a foundry technician, a supervisor in a gray iron foundry, and a process engineer in a super-alloy investment casting facility. He re-entered the heat treating industry in 1984, founding Applied Process Inc., a worldwide family of commercial heat treating facilities specializing in the Austempering process. After taking on a majority equity partner in 2014 John is now a board member of, and consultant to, Applied Process through his firm, Keotech Inc.. John is also the Proprietor of Joyworks LLC, a design and prototype metal casting studio located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

John has been a regular presenter and is widely published on foundry and heat treat related topics world-wide. He has received the Ductile Iron Society Award (1990), the American Foundry Society’s Wm. J. Grede Award (1998), an ASM International Fellowship (1998), the AFS Marketing Committee’s Jack F. Steele Award (2001), American Foundry Society’s Ray H. Witt Award (2003), the University of Michigan Material Science & Engineering Alumni Award of Merit (2004), the American Foundry Society’s Award of Scientific Merit (2005), the China Foundry Association Award of Merit (2010) and the Foundry Educational Foundation’s 2014 E. J. Walsh Award.

He is active in many industry technical associations and is a member of the Board of Trustees of ASM International. He is co-inventor on ten foundry and/or heat treat related patents. In 2008 John was honored to be named an Adjunct Professor to the Materials Science and Engineering Dept. at the University of Michigan where he is the FEF Key Professor. John and his wife, Nancy, split their time between their homes in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Leadville, Colorado and the far-flung locations of their children and grandchildren.