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MONSTER Opportunities

Big is the operative word right now at Applied Process.  Big changes.  Big plans.  Big opportunities………in fact, MONSTER opportunities.

At AP we have increased our capacity by 40% in the last two years and, by golly, we filled it.  Thanks to our customers for their business and, at times, for their patience while we worked through BIG backlogs.  We are hitting stride now and helping our (very busy) customers to thrive .  Our foundry customers know that they make higher margins on Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) than they do on regular ductile iron so they are happy to work with us to sell ADI conversions.  What’s not to like about replacing an imported welded-steel forging with a domestic ADI casting?  We think that’s a BIG win.

Speaking of BIG, our Monster Parts™ division is on track to be commissioned in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA within a few weeks.  It’s BIG news.  It’s a BIG furnace and we’re looking for BIG opportunities for it.  How much fun is a furnace with a 400,000lb nitrate/nitrite salt quench?  Big fun.  After all, at Applied Process we are passionate people providing innovative Austempering solutions.  With our new tool we’re talkin’ 10 tons BIG.

AP is working with Joyworks Studio on a developmental project that could have a BIG impact (pun intended) on its market.  When there’s a commercial problem to be solved the AP team sees that as a BIG opportunity.  We don’t just talk about ‘em.  We solve ‘em.  That’s what makes us a BIG player in the world of Austempering.  Just keep looking for BIG things from the AP team……the next one is, literally, right around the corner.

Grab your torches and pitchforks! The MONSTER is coming!

We were working in the lab, late one night,

When our eyes beheld an AWESOME sight,

When the MONSTER we created began to rise,

Then suddenly to our surprise…….

There’s a Monster coming!  With Halloween just around the corner it seems fitting that I’d be talking about a MONSTER in this blog.  It’s not some gored zombie, or Sasquatch, or Frankenstein (although it’s big and has bolts in its neck).  It’s not even organic, although we’re breathing life into it now.  It’s the Monster Parts™ furnace that’s dwelling in Oshkosh……and it’s a MONSTER.  With a footprint that is 7ft x 8ft and the ability to swallow ten tons in one sitting it’s the largest integral quench atmosphere batch furnace in the world.  Oh, and did we tell you that it has a salt quench?

Long in the making, this MONSTER will allow us to Austemper steel and iron parts heretofore not possible.  The furnace design required extensive (and close) teamwork between the Applied Process companies (www.appliedprocess.com) and AFC-Holcroft (www.afc-holcroft.com).  As described by AFC-Holcroft’s Bill Disler, “This project was a collaborative effort between AFC-Holcroft’s engineering and production staff and the engineering and plant services staff at the Applied Process companies”.  And here’s the cool part.  The Monster Parts™ furnace will run all the stuff that our customers now have AND adds the capability for us to run large and heavy steel, iron and Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) parts.

The Monster Parts™ furnace will be capable of heating the parts in a carburizing or neutral atmosphere.  The recovery rate and temperature uniformity will meet or exceed that of our existing lines…..in a big way.  Quite frankly, this furnace is awesome.  Our Technical Sales Group Leader, Vasko Popovski says that “the new furnace means the engineering community is now freed from the overwhelming reliance on large-scale steel components in favor of less costly and lighter ADI components”.  Think about it; weldments, stampings, forgings all machined and welded together to make a large, gangly component.  Replace that with a one-piece, elegant ADI casting.  Wow!  That being said, this line will also carburize and/or neutral harden big steel stuff too.

This furnace line will give Applied Process a unique opportunity to work with engineers, buyers and the management of manufacturers to develop new, cost-effective conversions of large parts….Monster Parts™…and will increase our capacity to process conventional Austempering work.  We’ve been anxiously awaiting this MONSTER…..and now it’s coming.  Trick or Treat

If we haven’t scared you away yet you can contact Vasko at vpopovski@appliedprocess.com and he’ll be glad to listen to your scary story.