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Meet us in St. Louie; Louie

Meet us in St. Louie, Louie.  Hmmmm…….Louie Louie: a classic party song….it reminds me of good times.  Every few years, all of us metal casting geeks get together to catch up with one another, learn from each other and share some good times.  This year’s AFS Cast Expo will be held April 6-9, 2013 in St. Louis and a good time will be had by all.   Unlike our “friends” in the Federal Government there will be no hot-tub hijinks, no Star Trek videos or multi-million dollar afterglow parties.  Here, metalcasters (wealth creators) will meet to collectively improve their game; to provide better products faster and more cost effectively than before.  New technologies.  New faces.  New ideas.  WE LOVE METAL CASTINGS!….and we’re all about growing the pie.

Applied Process Inc. is proud to be an active participant in the metal casting industry.  By Austempering castings, we make, what you make BETTER.  This enables engineers and designers to produce products and designs that are superior to those that preceded them: tougher, lighter, stronger, quieter, and more wear resistant.  We help our customers (and their customers) convert from one material/process combination to a better, faster, cheaper one.  It’s what we do……and we do it better than anyone else.  That’s why the owners of AP have launched the Joyworks studio; to take projects from concept to prototypes in weeks.  It’s why AP’s staff has more depth of experience.  It’s why AP has the greatest capacity for Austempering; anywhere.  It’s why we created the Monster Parts™ Division.  It’s why AP’s customers (and their customers) expect nothing less than parts done right every time…..and we deliver on that expectation.   All of this serves one purpose; to grow the pie for high performance castings.

Sure, we plan to meet some old friends and share a meal or two at the 2013 AFS Cast Expo in St. Louis, but we’re going ‘cause we’re all about GROWING.  Meet us in St. Louie, Louie.  More precisely in BOOTH 1081.  We’ll look forward to seeing you there, and sharing some good times.

Manufacturing’s Bang for the Buck

You’ve all heard me say (ad nauseum) that at Applied Process we get paid to Austemper people’s parts, but what we really do is help customers convert from one material/process combination to a better, faster, cheaper one.  In the larger sense, however, we are simply one step in the manufacturing process.  Manufacturing takes materials from the earth and, step by step, synthesizes them into goods that we use.  Manufacturing creates wealth.

Applied Process is a proud member of the National Association of Manufacturers ( www.nam.org ).  NAM’s primary function is to represent the manufacturing community’s interests.  That includes keeping track of US manufacturing and telling our story.  In a recent edition of NAM’s publication “Member Focus” NAM’s Chief Economist, Chad Moutray, painted a very interesting picture of the state of US manufacturing’s tremendous impact on the US Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  In 2010 the value added by manufacturing equaled $1.7 TRILLION (about 13% of the total GDP).  Manufacturing supports 17 million jobs in the US with 11.7 million being employed directly in manufacturing.  And in the recovery since the Great Recession US manufacturing has added well over 500,000 new jobs.

Manufacturing, Agriculture and Mining/energy have carried the country out of a deep recession.  The US Commerce Department, finally awake to the importance of manufacturing to US growth, had its Bureau of Economic Analysis compete a study on the multiplier effect of various jobs within the economy.  Lo and behold, they found that “a flourishing manufacturing sector in the United States is crucial to our future competitive strength”.  No kidding?  The data show that the manufacturing sector had the largest multiplier effect of any economic sector.  In other words, for every dollar of GDP created DIRECTLY by a given sector, how much additional INDIRECT GDP activity is generated.  The chart below shows the results…….and it ain’t even close.  For every dollar of manufacturing GDP an additional $1.35 of GDP is created indirectly.

Now I’m no economist, but even I can see why “all of a sudden” the folks in Washington D.C. are taking an interest in the state of US manufacturing.  Manufacturers create wealth.  And US manufacturers and their direct (and indirect) employees pay taxes.  I’m glad the politicians are finally awake.  Maybe they just want our vote this fall and then they’ll forget about us again until the next election.  But maybe this election will show that we can’t be so easily forgotten.