Independent Trailer Suspension Utilizing Unique ADI Bracket

Publication Date: March 04, 2002

Contact: Vasko Popovski,John Keough

Document Type: White Papers

In the increasingly competitive trucking industry, operators are continually seeking ways to haul higher volume and/or heavier loads to maintain profitability. Cross-continent shipments in Australia offer unique performance challenges to the box, frame, axles and suspension.

Independent suspensions on large over-the-road box trailers can allow flat floors and increased cargo space. This paper chronicles the development of a unique suspension system that utilizes a complex ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron) casting to survive the rigors of the Australian Outback.

The suspension uses a short “stub” axle mounted and suspended at each wheel, thus eliminating the need for a full axle running under the box and frame. This “axle-less” suspension allows the trailer box to have a flat floor and an additional 20 cubic meters of cargo space. The ADI suspension successfully replaced an earlier system constructed of steel weldments that failed in service. The low cost design, coupled with the increased cargo carrying capacity leads to short payback on investment and improved profitability for the operator.