Austempered Ductile Iron-The State of the Industry in 2003

By: Kathy Hayrynen, John Keough

Publication Date: November 13, 2003

Contact: Kathy L. Hayrynen

Document Type: White Papers

By the turn of the century, the ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron) market had begun to rapidly accelerate from a modest beginning in the early 1970’s to an estimated worldwide production level of 125,000 tons annually. This growth is expected to continue with the world production of ADI reaching 300,000 tons by the end of the decade (2010).

The expansion of the ADI market can be attributed to a number of factors including: collaborative R&D programs to document the properties of this material, international symposia devoted to ADI, developments in commercial Austempering equipment, adoption of specifications by international standards organizations as well as success stories of conversions to ADI.

This paper will discuss the latest property information available for ADI, including the recent developments in Carbidic ADI (CADI) and Grade 800 ADI, along with the continually expanding markets and applications of ADI.