Casting Conversion Service

Casting Conversion Service

Converting fabrications to one-piece austempered ductile iron castings offers significant advantages, allowing our customers to:

  • Increase product performance (strength, wear resistance, toughness)
  • Reduce number of components
  • Reduce weight
  • Reduce total cost
  • Save internal engineering time

Steps in the conversion service

  • Determine customer goals and priorities
  • Create casting concept
  • Collaborate with customer on design
  • A final concept is presented
  • Review prototype or production foundry source options with customer
  • Austempering of samples or production components.

Example Conversion

This two-piece, 42-component tedder hinge was converted into a one-piece austempered ductile iron casting.

A single, machined casting replaced all required components for both hinges.

The New Design Resulted in:

  • 95% reduction in inventory
  • 82% reduction in assembly time
  • 64% reduction in cost

Fabrication to Casting Conversion Testimonials