Austempered Steel

Austempered Steel

Application of the Austempering process to steel provides the user with a tough, high-strength component that resists embrittlement.

This dimensionally repeatable process is typically cost competitive with conventional quench and temper processes. Austempering is particularly appropriate for medium and high carbon stampings, forgings, castings, and full density powdered metal parts.

Austempered Steel offers superior toughness at high hardnesses over conventionally quenched and tempered steel.  This process exhibits minimal distortion, no cracking during quenching and resistance to hydrogen embrittlement.  Austempered Steel (including high-density Austempered Powdered Metals) is superior to conventionally processed steels.

Typical examples of Austempered Steel applications are:

  •  Mower Blades
  •  Clips and Clamps
  •  Cutter and Mixer Blades
  •  Transmission Gears
  •  Wave Plates
  •  Turf Aeration Tines