Why Commercial Law Interview Question

Show that you have done research in the area of commercial law. Mention any cases that have caught your attention recently, especially those related to the headquarters where interns work in the company. On the company`s graduate recruitment website, you can find out in which departments interns are guaranteed to work. For example, two of your places as a Hogan Lovells intern will be in the corporate and financial groups and another in one of the litigation teams. All potential Bristows lawyers are guaranteed a place in the intellectual property department. Most people, when answering this question, give very general answers and often simply stifle the law firm`s website or marketing material. For example, it is shocking how many candidates think they will find a great answer to this question by telling the recruiter that they are “pushed to work in a global law firm with hundreds of international offices and ambitious colleagues.” It tells them absolutely nothing about why you want to work in commercial law; It just tells them that you`re familiar with copying and pasting! Before diving into the main points, you should be aware that you can get a subtle variation of the same question. For example, you may be asked why you are particularly interested in international trade law or what makes you think you are particularly suited to a career in business law. Fortunately, these variations can usually all be answered with the same processes mentioned here. Check out this article from Shearman & Sterling if you want to learn more about what a typical articling student at a business law firm will do: “What do articling lawyers do?” With this type of question, you have a lot more flexibility because it doesn`t have to be a business story (although it`s ideal). It must still refer to an interest in law and in particular in commercial law. However, they can discuss issues such as geopolitical tensions or foreign treaties. For example, given the upcoming US presidential election and its potential impact on Chinese investment or the establishment of diplomatic relations between the UAE and Israel, there is plenty of room for discussion.

This question is designed to test respondents` understanding of the legal industry in particular and how it responds to changes and broader developments around the world. While you may be tempted to think about COVID-19 or Brexit, for example, this will undoubtedly be a fairly common answer. Therefore, to stand out from other candidates, you should either take a new and unique approach to these topics with specific updates and implications, or consider other, more nuanced topics. Take an approach: It doesn`t hurt to say you`d be proud to work for a member of the magic circle, but be more specific. A good way to stand out from other hopefuls is to indicate which practice you want to participate in the qualification. Use the company`s trade press and website for research and you can turn a call – “I would like to work for you” – into a sale of your ambition and business awareness: “I look forward to contributing to an international practice that now accounts for 15% of your profits and I was interested in learning more about the new Johannesburg office. How do you see development in this region? In a law firm, corporate and commercial titles are assigned to two related, but generally distinct, groups. Corporate practice areas are closely linked and their work concerns the life cycle of companies as well as mergers and acquisitions. This gives candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their business law skills by reviewing the details of contract law. This is a tricky question because you need to demonstrate a solid legal understanding.

As with all questions, try to keep a business orientation when answering this question and discuss a law that would be particularly beneficial to your business. Proposing a human rights law, for example, if the firm specializes in real estate law, would not be relevant and could show a lack of knowledge of the firm and its work. .