What Is Sars Tax Compliance Status

Select Enable from the drop-down menu, select the Tax Compliance Status and Disclaimer check box, then click Enable: The new system will make it easier for taxpayers to claim their tax compliance status (TCS) via e-filing and obtain a PIN that allows you to authorize your status and allow third parties to verify your status. You will then need to select the status requirement for tax compliance: The TCS PIN must be used by authorized third parties (those with whom you share the PIN) to verify your compliance status online via SARS e-filing. It is important to remember that a taxpayer`s compliance status is not static and changes based on their ongoing compliance with tax requirements. The PIN gives you the option to authorize a third party to view your tax compliance status online via e-filing. Once you have provided the PIN to a third party, the PIN allows the appropriate organization or department to view your current tax compliance status online. It shows them your overall compliance status on the date and time they check it, instead of your status as it was when the PIN was issued to you. To protect the confidentiality of tax information, no other information is accessible. Once your application is approved by SARS, you will receive a general tax compliance status and a PIN. You can request that the PIN be sent to you via SMS and you can view it in your Tax Compliance Status Request dashboard in your e-filing profile. The PIN can also be printed as the TCS results letter. The new TCS system is equipped with the “My Compliance Profile (MCP)” function. The ECHP provides taxpayers with an online overview of their current compliance with the specific requirements set out in SARS. Taxpayers can visually identify violations and take the necessary steps to remedy them.

The introduction of the MCP gives taxpayers more information about their compliance with tax regulations and forms the basis for the general compliance status issued when submitting a SARS TCS application (e.B for tendering or good reputation and others). For more information on tax compliance status processes, see the following links: Your application status will then display “Pending Verification” and you will have to wait 20 minutes before you can proceed to the next step: Your application has been successfully submitted. Please note that you can track the progress of your application on the Tax Compliance working page. Go to the Tax Compliance Status request on the left side of the page: Please select “My Compliance Profile” on the left: You can save the document as a Tax Disability Status Certificate: Note: You can also apply for Tax Compliance Status (TCS) for specific purposes (e.B. tender) online via eFiling. Click the non-compliance indicator and follow the steps. To activate the “My Compliance Profile”, you must do so. Select the Request Type drop-down menu, then Good View, then Request: If you need help getting your tax compliance status, watch our helpful tutorial video on the SarS-YouTube channel by clicking on the image below.

To request your TCS, you can access the TCS system by selecting the TAX STATUS menu option on eFiling. Tip: A unique PIN code is issued for each request you make. If you select the “good stand” option, it will be displayed compliant or not: The message indicates that you have successfully activated. Tip: For more information on the required supporting documents, see FIA and Emigration Applications. Select Next, fill out the form with your details and submit it: With this in mind, in order to be tax compliant, you need to make sure that: Select the Tax Status option at the top right of the screen: Fill out the form with your information and choose Submit: Home » Individuals » Manage your tax compliance status Being tax compliant and “paying your fair share” is not only good for you, but also contributes to the positive growth of our country`s economy, which benefits all South Africans. You can print the letter by checking the box next to the form, then the “Pencil” button. .