Foundry Practice on TV

Some pics that are better late than never

Last March I was watching English soccer (oh, yes … try it and you will like it).  A commercial came on for Ram Trucks.  There were some foundry workers shown in the commercial, which is not something you see every day.

To be sure, our friends at Ram Trucks know a thing or two about ADI.  Even so I about had a stroke when I saw they guy add all of the inoculant at once at the five-second mark of the video. I will chalk it up to artistic license. You can watch the video here:


I also found another more comprehensive version here:

I really liked this one because it showed nobake molds where the wash is being lit off.  That means they are alcohol-based washes.  This is awesome, and this is rarer these days than at one time.  Love it.

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