News FLASH: BAINITE is all the rage

It’s in the technical press wall-to-wall.  It even made the Wall Street Journal.  FLASH BAINITE is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  A Mr. Cola, from Washington, Michigan has discovered that Bainite has excellent properties.  (We’ve been telling you that since about 1962).  As it turns out, Mr. Cola has either patented, or is applying for patent on methods to produce a mixed-Bainitic microstructure in a quick, continuous process.  The results, examined and reported on, by experts from THE Ohio State University (we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt) showed that steel with a predominantly Bainitic microstructure had higher strength and better ductility than conventionally processed steels.  Sound familiar?  (Visit us on LinkedIn at “Bainite is Better” for real-world examples).  The implication is that if one could produce Bainitic sheet steel it would be stronger and have better formability than either pearlitic or Martensitic steel sheet.  I’ll bet it does.  Mr. Cola also claims that Flash Bainite is also very weldable.  Perhaps, but we’re not certain the patent covers the suspension of the laws of thermodynamics…….and the resultant heat affected zone

Go get ‘em Mr. Cola.  We will watch with interest as you commercialize your Austempering Flash Bainite process (as we’ve been at it for almost five decades)…….and if you need moral support you’ll find us at .  We would like to know who your PR people are…..MAN, they’re good!

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