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Here in the 21st century it’s not good enough to just be good at Austempering.  We need to be able to communicate at the speed of light (well, the speed of sound, anyway).  So this blog site will allow me to share with our employees, our customers and the rest of the e-community things that affect our business, our markets, our country and the world.

At Applied Process we generally go with what we know: Austempering.  We are passionate people providing innovative Austempering solutions that make iron and steel tougher, stronger, lighter, quieter and more wear resistant.  We don’t do any of that in a vacuum (metaphorically speaking) and our business is affected by the things we hear and read about every day.  Within this blog I’ll try to provide creative insight on things as I observe them.  It might be business.  It might be technology.  Or it might just be something that I think needs to be said.  I hope you’ll enjoy it.

You can also check up on the crew by visiting our Facebook sites: “Austempering” and “Austempered Ductile Iron” or our LinkedIn sites: “ADI Mongers” or Bainite is Better” or our websites: www.appliedprocess.com, www.joyworksstudio.com, www.hostileduckiron.com

After all we are the HOME of Hostile Duck Iron.

John R. (Chip) Keough, PE, FASM

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