Busy! January 19 2015

This just seems appropriate

Many thanks to Adam from Pennsylvania who sent us this attractive photo and in so doing will receive a free lunch from AP.  Here we have some Austempered Ductile Iron opening a bottle of Iron.  I worked as a bartender for many years and pouring Iron City Beer enabled me to attend the University of Pittsburgh … where i studied metallurgy. Somehow I think there is some closure here, but I am not smart enough to pinpoint it.

Thanks again to Adam. You, too, can get a free lunch by sending in a photo with a piece of AP paraphernalia (notebook, coffee mug, bottle opener, etc.).

Some scuttlebutt

Heard on the street … looks like 85000 railcar builds in 2015.  Holy cow, that’s a lot of railcars.  If you supply the rail industry you need to be ready.

AFS Metalcasting events for supply chain

The AFS Metalcasting Supply Chain Summit and the AFS Metalcasting Design Summit will be held in February in Chicago.  If you buy or design parts you should attend.  Call AFS at +1-800/537-4237 for more details.

Watch this movie

Let’s try something everyone can connect with.  I watched a movie this weekend, The Grand Budapest Hotel.  This is a well-reviewed movie and for good reason. Imagine “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” had a child with “The Great Gatsby”.  The offspring would be this movie.  Good stuff.

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